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In an era of globalization, student groups, NGOs, and businesses conduct activities throughout the world, often in increasingly dangerous locations. Daily news reports of violence or natural disasters can cause these groups to feel anxious and intimidated when traveling abroad. Global ProtecTour was founded to assist overseas travelers to make them more self-sufficient and to help them mitigate some of the unknown risks associated with traveling or doing business abroad.

We understand that the best time to address safety is in advance. Global ProtecTour takes a confidence-building approach to instruction and provides comprehensive analysis to prepare groups and individuals to deal proactively with high-risk environments and situations – avoiding scare tactics, jargon and other intimidating practices.

Global ProtecTour offers a comprehensive suite of risk mitigation services that help clients make strategic decisions about international business approaches, prepare for international trips with confidence, and avoid potential threats while traveling abroad. Global ProtecTour Access provides in-depth research and analysis of locations throughout the world, providing corporations with actionable information and situational awareness to help them make strategic operational decisions. Our customized training prepares individuals and organizations to be self-reliant and risk aware prior to their travels. The Global ProtecTour mobile application provides 24-hour monitoring of a user’s location and threat proximity during their travels, and provides travelers with the ability to quickly report a threat.

For more information about what differentiates Global ProtecTour, please see Our Unique Approach.

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