Our Unique Approach


The best time to address individual safety and risk management is in advance – through preparation, planning, and training for risk mitigation and risk awareness. Our primary goal is to help you create a safety infrastructure and personal situational awareness. If, however, the worst does happen, our team can provide leadership and expertise during crisis situations.


No two organizations are alike. Global ProtecTour will carefully assess your needs and develop a custom program specifically designed to address your key concerns and specific needs.


Global ProtecTour wants our clients to feel confident in their abilities to handle dangerous or high-stress situations overseas. Our aim is to make you self-reliant – secure in your own knowledge and competencies, and not entirely dependent on outside assistance.

Expert Personnel

Global ProtecTour team members have a broad range of experience, including overseas service, experiential and instructional backgrounds. We are uniquely qualified to understand and assist you, whether in planning and preparation or the resolution of emergent situations. Global ProtecTour’s job is to develop programs that minimize your risk so you can maximize your global travel experience.

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