TATE Global Bolsters Travel Risk Management Offerings With Launch Of TATE Global Access

TATE Global | June 16, 2015

Provides Business Leaders with Customized, Detailed Analytics for Global Operational Planning

ALEXANDRIA, VA – June 16, 2015 – TATE Global, a leading provider of travel risk mitigation services, announced today the addition of TATE Global Access to its list of service offerings. TATE Global Access provides senior level executives with customized analytics and actionable information for critical operational and strategic decision making in an international environment. The addition of TATE Global Access rounds out the company’s comprehensive suite of risk mitigation services that assist clients in making strategic international business decisions, prepare for international trips with confidence, and avoid potential threats while traveling abroad.

TATE Global Access enables leaders to make informed decisions regarding international operations through customized analysis and assessment, analytic training and consulting. Experts provide useful insights and recommendations based on knowledge and research of local threats to infrastructure and personnel, the local business environment, and local government practices that could affect business. TATE Global Access provides global coverage with expert teams dedicated to Latin America, China, the Koreas, Russia, Central Asia, India, Iran, the Middle East and Africa.

TATE Global Access offers three primary reports – In Review, Market Evaluation and Entry, and Personnel Threat Assessment.

  • In Review – provides decision makers with an in-depth threat analysis on a national, regional and local level, with specific emphasis on security issues that can impact logistics and supply chains.
  • Market Evaluation and Entry – designed for businesses exposed to a threatening environment or planning to enter a new market, provides real-time monitoring of the local industry and potential opportunities and threats.
  • Personnel Threat Assessments – provides an analysis of the threat level for top-level management and high net-worth individuals based on real-time information and developments.

Decision makers can also request the following reports through TATE Global Access:

  • Threat Assessment – assessment of an organization’s infrastructure and potential threats from lawlessness, black markets and organized crime.
  • Diligence – a deep examination of a company’s attributes, key personnel, and key external influencers.
  • Country Industry/Sector Analysis – expert analysis of the business environment in a particular location, including research on regulatory and business practices in the area and government dynamics.
  • Regional Security Assessment – analysis of potential threats to company operations and infrastructure, particularly pertinent to the supply chain and travel.

“In a global economy, top executives have to make smart decisions when doing business in unfamiliar locations. In many cases, making the wrong decision can cost millions. We saw an opportunity to fill a huge void in the industry, by helping these executives make well-informed decisions with the use of detailed and accurate information,” commented Susan Young, Chief Operating Officer of TATE Global. “TATE Global Access is the perfect addition to our existing suite of services, allowing us to help executives at every stage of conducting business abroad – planning in advance, mitigating risk while on the ground and resolving situations in a foreign destination.”

TATE Global (www.protectour.com)

TATE Global is a leading travel risk mitigation consultancy that works with universities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and multi-national corporations to assist overseas travelers to make them more self-sufficient and risk aware. TATE Global takes a confidence-building approach to instruction to prepare groups and individuals to deal proactively with high-risk environments and situations. The company’s ProtecTour mobile application provides 24-hour monitoring, safety alerts based on local threats, the ability to communicate directly with TATE Global, and information on key locations. Additionally, TATE Global Access provides in-depth research and analysis of locations throughout the world, providing corporations with actionable information and situational awareness to help them make strategic operational decisions. TATE Global is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia.


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