Tips for Your Study Abroad

Trazee Travel | September 17, 2015

As millions of students around the globe embark on study abroad experiences worldwide,TATE Global, a leading travel risk mitigation company, outlined important tips for students and parents to follow during time abroad.

Make Copies
Keep copies of key documents, including passports, personal identification and travel documents, at home with family, in your room and on your person.

Plan in advance by choosing a phone plan or signing up for a communications app. Save the U.S. embassy and local emergency phone numbers in your contacts.

Taxi Safety
Avoid unmarked taxis, even if they could save a few bucks. Public transportation and regulated taxis are the way to go.

Blend In
Looking like a tourist can make you a target of crime. Blending in with the locals is good practice, and will help authenticate your experience.

Avoid being ostentatious with pricier items including jewelry, technology and cameras. What is common at home may be a luxury in your study abroad destination.

Be Aware
Especially important in crowded areas, as they are prime locations for pickpockets or protesters, always remain conscious of your surroundings.

Research is key to knowing the destinations you plan to visit. Also be sure to know where to find transit hubs, hospitals and other important buildings.

Hostels offer affordable accommodations when traveling, but research beyond just the price point by reading past reviews to make sure they are safe.

Know Your Limit
Consume alcohol safely, especially in unfamiliar surroundings. Enjoy the culture and the locals, but know your limits.

Have Fun
Above all else, enjoy your semester abroad to the fullest!

By Kimberly Krol

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