Traveling overseas? This app alerts you to nearby dangers | March 3, 2015

Alexandria-based TATE Global released a safety-warning app for international travelers. ProtecTour pulls in RSS feeds from the U.S. State Department and other agencies.

TATE Global, an Alexandria-based travel safety preparation company, released an app that will help intrepid travelers avoid the many dangers of international travel.

ProtecTour uses geotracking software and RSS feeds from the U.S. State Department, local governments and safety personnel to alert users of impending dangers, such as dangerous riots, high crime areas, or major storms.

“There will always be threats when traveling and we’re committed to preparing individuals and groups to travel safely and with confidence,” said president Anne Ayres in a press release. “With the ProtecTour app in particular, we are able to provide an added sense of security to our clients.”

The company released the iOS app last week after performing a survey that found that 80 percent of Americans consider feeling safe more important than having fun while on an international trip, while 87 percent think it is important to bring a smartphone with them.

The app also includes an alert trigger that allows users to communicate with TATE Global agents; directions and contact information for local embassies or consulates, police stations and English-speaking hospitals; and regular updates sent to friends or families at home.

By Lalita Clozel

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