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Global ProtecTour Access enables senior level executives to make informed decisions regarding international operations through customized analysis and assessment, analytic training and consulting. We have helped multinationals in several industries, including technology, pharmaceutical, energy, telecom, transportation, aerospace & defense, and hospitality.

Global ProtecTour Access provides useful insights and recommendations based on knowledge of local threats to infrastructure and personnel, the local business environment, and local government practices that could affect business. Global ProtecTour Access provides global coverage, with knowledgeable teams dedicated to Latin America, China, the Koreas, Russia, Central Asia, India, Iran, the Middle East and Africa.

Key Products/Services:

  • In Review – provides decision makers with an in-depth threat analysis on a national, regional and local level, with specific emphasis on security issues that can impact logistics and supply chains.
  • Market Evaluation and Entry – designed for businesses exposed to a threatening environment or planning to enter a new market, provides real-time monitoring of the local industry and potential opportunities and threats.
  • Personnel Threat Assessment – provides an analysis of the threat level for top-level management and high net-worth individuals based on real-time information and developments.
  • Threat Assessment – assessment of an organization’s infrastructure and potential threats from lawlessness, black markets and organized crime.
  • Diligence – a deep examination of a company’s attributes, key personnel, and key external influencers.
  • Country Industry/Sector Analysis – expert analysis of the business environment in a particular location, including research on regulatory and business practices in the area and government dynamics.
  • Regional Security Assessment – analysis of potential threats to company operations and infrastructure, particularly pertinent to the supply chain and travel.

Sample Reports:
Mexico Intelligence Sample

Brazil Intelligence Sample

Please contact us for more information and pricing details on our full line of reports, studies and assessments.

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