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Global ProtecTour’s primary goal is to help our clients create a safety infrastructure. Our personalized training and education is expressly designed to prepare you for the risks we identify in your customized risk assessment.

Whatever the situation, it is likely that one of Global ProtecTour’s team members has dealt with it first-hand. Our team of professionals brings a wealth of real-world experience, including overseas assignments and instructional expertise, to your organization. You’ll see the Global ProtecTour difference in the classroom, and in experiential and simulated exercises specifically designed for your organization’s risk profile.

Our instructional modules are completely customized to meet your needs. Global ProtecTour will address the topics of most concern to your organization, and deliver the information in a relatable, diplomatic and convenient way for your audiences. And, as your needs evolve, so will our training and education modules.

Finding it hard to gather a team of busy executives for classroom training? Global ProtecTour can use our proprietary technology to deliver training directly to them. It’s just one of the many ways we’ll work with you to make sure you’re fully prepared and self-sufficient.

Some specific examples of our education and training curriculum include:

  • Managing risk for travelers, including security and pre-travel medical
  • Principles of crisis management
  • Managing emergency evacuations
  • Managing medical emergencies
  • Abduction: avoidance and survival
  • Stress management in high threat locations
  • Stress and post-traumatic event counseling

Contact us today about how to create a safety infrastructure for your organization.

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