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How to use social media for global travel safety updates

The Business Journals | April 18, 2016

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Using social media is a great way to keep up-to-date with the latest travel safety information. This useful guide to specific social media resources helps travelers stay safe and healthy while abroad.

Tips for Your Study Abroad

Trazee Travel | September 17, 2015

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As millions of students around the globe embark on study abroad experiences worldwide,TATE Global, a leading travel risk mitigation company, outlined important tips for students and parents to follow during time abroad.

TATE Global Showcases Full Suite Of Travel Safety And Disaster Response Solutions During Global Disaster Relief Summit

TATE Global | September 9, 2015

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TATE Global will serve as a strategic partner at the Global Disaster Relief Summit on September 10-11.

Strategies for staying safer during overseas travel

The Business Journals | August 4, 2015

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Overseas business travel has become the norm for many professionals, but few are taking personal safety into consideration when preparing for a trip.

TATE Global Bolsters Travel Risk Management Offerings With Launch Of TATE Global Access

TATE Global | June 16, 2015

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TATE Global announced the addition of TATE Global Access to provide senior level executives with customized analytics and actionable information for critical operational and strategic decision making in an international environment.

Travel Safety Tips For Families Traveling With Young Children

Destinations Travel Magazine | June 15, 2015

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Traveling with children can be a stressful and exhausting experience, and many parents have questions about keeping their families safe while traveling abroad. Here are a few tips for parents traveling with young children.

The All-In-One International Travel App

Men's Journal | May 14, 2015

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Tate Global, a travel safety-preparation company, is looking to consolidate a crowded marketplace with their new all-in-one app, ProtecTour.

Travel Safety Tips for the International Traveler

Destinations Travel Magazine | May 6, 2015

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Personal safety should always be a chief area of focus, and travelers should dedicate ample time to properly plan and prepare for safety issues before and during an international vacation. Here are a few tips every international traveler should know and practice during every trip.

Stay Safe with the ProtecTour Mobile App

Trazee Travel | April 19, 2015

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A new mobile app from TATE Global, a provider of travel risk mitigation services, is just the tool to help travelers stay abreast of safety information.

ProtecTour App Is an All-In-One Travel Safety Tool

TravelPulse | March 21, 2015

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A new travel safety app called ProtecTour is addressing travelers’ needs for real-time location-based information and emergency help in foreign countries.

How an Alexandria-Based App Can Keep You Safe When Abroad

DC Inno | March 6, 2015

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An app born in Alexandria is looking to take the fear of the unknown out of traveling overseas.

Traveling overseas? This app alerts you to nearby dangers | March 3, 2015

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TATE Global, an Alexandria-based travel safety preparation company, released an app that will help intrepid travelers avoid the many dangers of international travel.

Study Finds Americans Feel Safety Is More Important Than Having Fun When Traveling Abroad—TATE Global Introduces Overseas Travel Safety Services To Empower Travelers

TATE Global | February 16, 2015

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A recent study commissioned by TATE Global found that Americans feel it’s more important to feel safe (80 percent) than to have fun (68 percent) during an international trip. However, less than a third (32 percent) believe they would know what to do if faced with an emergency while traveling abroad. A leading provider of travel risk mitigation services, TATE Global was founded to help overseas travelers prepare for and manage high-risk environments and situations.

Warschawski Creates Logo, Website And Brochure To Launch TATE Global Into Risk Mitigation Services Industry

TATE Global | March 27, 2012

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Warschawski collaborated with TATE Global, LLC to create a new logo, website and marketing brochure to launch the risk mitigation services company. TATE Global was founded to assist both travelers to foreign countries and the governments in those destinations to reach their common goals of safety, security and success.

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